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About Beyond Bachelor Salad

Beyond Bachelor Salad launched on July 4, 2004. Originally, I simply wanted a place to post a variety of writing samples and a few recipes to share with friends, but it evolved into a test area and a viable site in it’s own right.

I used the site to experiment with Google AdsWords, Google AdSense, SEO content and associate sales programs, but in the process the audience broadened beyond the Seattle area.

It’s a low key site, but seems to serve a niche in spite of my benign neglect.

Site content is updated once or twice a year and a newsletter goes out to alert readers to new articles and recipes. Not surprisingly, the recipes draw the most hits. Even though the U.S. has a very high percentage of single people, until recently, major cookbooks and cooking sites continued to publish recipes geared for a hungry family or large dinner party.

Go figure.

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